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How To Develop Your Mindset So You Can Achieve Greater Success In Your Work And Life

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“A theory based on another man’s experience in matters of the psyche or of an inward life has no meaning at all…. We have to let it go completely because we have to stand alone.”

Understanding the Mind

The first step in understanding the mind is to realize that your thoughts are what determines your everyday experiences.

Law of Attraction v Shadow Work

There are two major streams of thought within the psychology and spiritual sectors.

How to Develop Mental Strength

Understanding that your thoughts determine your environment and that you can command your thoughts is the first step.

Scientific Discoveries & Psychological Observations


Meditation should come as no surprise to anyone as the best kind of practice for mental development. It involves sitting quietly (ideally in lotus position) and observing the movements of the mind.


Yoga is a practice of body movements involving the breath, concentration, balance, flexibility, and physical strength. When the movements are executed in a certain fashion the practitioner comes into a flow state and can complete the whole hour longroutine effortlessly.


There are many other techniques to increase concentration. You could focus on a candle flame for five minutes a day. You can also focus on the top of your nose or your breath. Most spiritual practitioners recommend no longer than 10 minutes of intense concentration on anything.

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